Patents and Intellectual Property

Protecting new designs with the timely filing of patent and trademark applications is essential in our currently highly litigious world. Proper competitive analysis, new claim analysis and drafting of sound new patents is paramount in avoiding legal issues down the road.
Our team is expert at all aspects of this difficult process and has been involved in multiple US and PCT applications, some of which can be found below. We are also experts in determining patent infringement and the correct use of claim charts that are necessary for any proposed further legal actions

Team-Member Awarded US Patents:

  • 9,368,861 “Omnidirectional Broadband Coplanar Antenna Element”
  • 8,446,327 "Compound Two-way Antenna With Installation Compensator"
  • 8,362,967 "Low Power Multi-Beam Active Array for Cellular Communications"
  • 8,330,668 "Dual Stagger Off Settable Azimuth Beamwidth Controlled Antenna for Wireless Networks"
  • 8,237,619 "Dual Beam Sector Antenna Array With Low Loss Beam Forming Network"
  • 8,199,064 "Omnidirectional Broadband Coplanar Antenna Element
  • 8,130,164 " Broadband Coplanar Antenna Element"
  • 7,990,329 "Dual staggered vertically polarized variable azimuth beamwidth antenna for wireless network"
  • 7,710,344 "Single pole vertically polarized azimuth beamwidth antenna for wireless communications"
  • 7,301,397 “Enhanced Efficiency Feed Forward Power Amplifier with Delay Mismatched Error Cancellation Loop”
  • 7,126,421 “Method for Aligning Feedforward Loops”
  • 7,038,540 “Enhanced Efficiency Feed Forward Power Amplifier Utilizing Reduced Cancellation Bandwidth and Small Error Amplifier”
  • 6,937,094 “Systems and Method of Dynamic Bias Switching for Radio Frequency Radio Amplifiers”
  • 6,794,933 “Feed Forward RF Power Amplifier with High Efficiency Main Amplifier and Highly Linear Error Amplifier
  • 6,140,874 “Amplification System Having Mask Detection and Bias Compensation”